Monday, October 20, 2008


I came in rather late last night for the Kuliah Maghrib but I wish to express my humble short comment on the above subject (19th October 2008):
1. The Ustaz said “memang benar tiada suruhan/perintah daripada Rasulullah tentang membaca Usolli, tetapi Rasulullah juga tidak melarang”. I wish to point out on the tidak melarang. We are all aware that to practise any religious ritual (ibadah), there must be an instruction/example from Rasulullah SAW. Without that it is called bid’ah. And all bid’ah in religion is “on the wrong track/astray” (dhalalah/sesat), and all dhalalah is in hell fire. In other words, how can Rasulullah “melarang” when there was no happening then? In his time nobody performed the Usolli.
2. It is indeed a great sin to practise something (particularly religious ritual) which is not instructed by Rasulullah through Hadis or the Quran al-Karim. It is bid’ah. It may appear good but can actually be disastrous. We cannot perform any ‘ibadah according to our whims and fancies which we think is good and right. It must be from Rasulullah or our Creator. We know that it is due to bid’ah that people came to worship idol/berhala, and to worship Isa alaihissalam as son of God, or even as God himself!!
3. Back to Usolli, it is said by expressing it we can remind the hati. But in reality it is the reverse: it is through the hati that our lidah expresses it.
4. Then talking about niat itself. To me niat is our keikhlasan in performing anything. It is in fact explained by the hadis “Innamal ak malu binniat…..” regarding the man who hijrah for his lover. He did not put his niat (in the form as: “sahaja aku berhijrah ….” while doing the act. Likewise when we want to solat, we take wudhu, then face the Qiblat and takbir. The whole act is actually activated by the niat. Don’t tell me after taking wudhu and facing the Qiblat then we are going to dance! Agama is simple, and Rasulullah’s instructions are simple. Let us not make things difficult. Worse still by adding things which are bid’ah.

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