Wednesday, October 22, 2008

After the Subuh prayers .........

They read a few Hadiths (Prophet Muhammad's PBUH traditions) in Arabic and translate them into Bahasa Malaysia. Anyone interested may join them. This is almost an every morning affair.

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PAK HUSIN said...

This is indeed a good practice. However I believe the experience I had in Yogyakarta during my stay there is better. After the do’a and still remaining seated as during the wirid, a short tazkirah (called KULTUM = Kuliah Tujuh Minit, or KULIM = Kuliah lima minit) is given whereby the Imam or one of the jamaah will read the Hadis or verses from the Quran followed by the translation and a short explanation. Within 5 minutes it is over and everyboday will then stand up to form a line, and in an orderly manner the one on the extreme right starts to shake hand with his brother on his left and so on. Everyone shakes everyone’s hand with a sweet smile on the face, and at the same time offering the Selawat Nabi. Don’t you think we can practise it here too Pak Lias?
Sometimes I am rather disappointed that a few of our brothers seem not to want to shake hands with each other. I am sure everybody agrees with me that there is so much goodness in the shaking of hands. It doesn’t take that much time really. One minute or at the most 2 minutes is all that is needed. And make sure when shaking hands, look him in the eye with a broad smile.
I really can’t understand why there are people who are so stingy with their smile. And mind you there a quite a number who are like that. In fact I find a few outsiders for the Zohor prayers who either ‘refuse’ to shake hands or are so stingy with their smiles. Not only stingy but very serious looking – sungguh muka tak rezeki!! Unfortunately normally such people are the ones with long beards. I am not generalising. I know of many with beards who are smily and sweet-faced. A good example is our very own Pak Saimin.

mylias said...

our normal and regular long beard fellows at Surau An-Naim seems friendly enough (at least to me).

About the hand shaking, I believe that in the more rural areas this is done, at least I see them being done in my kampung in Pahang and in some smaller mosques in Kuantan. I would assume that in KL this is a new culture to them, and they have no time to wait in the row to shake hands ......... they have to rush out back home or to their offices. Can't really blame them, though I wish (at my age now) people would slow down, shake hands and give a smile. Just a wish and probably will just remain a wish.
About the reading of the hadiths, again people have no time ..... they need to rush out home or to their offices.

PAK HUSIN said...

1. Pak Lias, I specifically mentioned in my comment, it is one or two OUTSIDERS with the long beards that are serious and stone-faced during zohor prayers, not our regular jamaah.
2. Don't forget too that we are all from kampungs where handshaking after prayers, especially subuh prayer, is the norm.
3. Actually if time is really the constraint we should start a new culture whereby after prayer the imam should just Istighfar, Fatihah, ayat kursi and a short doa, followed by the KULLIM, and shaking of hands with Selawat, and that's it. For those pensioners like us, we can then continue with the zikir and wirid on our own,