Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ladies of the surau

The ladies of our surau are very active, they have their own religious classes, they follow the daily 5 times prayers (some do though the no. is small; by some traditions ladies are more encouraged to pray at home than in surau or masjid (mosque)exceptions being that when they attend lessons/classes, tazkirah or religious talks) and they attend the nightly tazkirah. And during the fasting month's night they crowd the whole of the ladies section.

The ladies section is behind the men's hall, appropriately curtained to maintain the allowed (and the need) degree of modesty.

And during the time of tazkirah the curtain is opened, wide if there are many ladies attending, the ladies to properly listening to the tazkirah and also to see in person who is giving the tazkirah. They are even allowed to ask questions on the subject of the tazkirah or on any other subject matter regarding Islam for which they have doubts about. And the ustaz giving the tazkirah usually seek questions from the ladies.

Perhaps some day, a lady may contribute articles in this blog, to tell us more of the ladies' views and activities.

Muslims of Wangsa Maju are encouraged to post articles and recordings.

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