Thursday, October 30, 2008

ICT and Surau

With the availability of modern technology in communication equipment, many of the younger Ustaz (and not so young) are using these tools to strengthen their delivery of the subjects they lecture on. These modern Ustaz are IT savy and they take the opportunity to present their cases using these. Here one sees an Ustaz using a laptop with a projector, projecting the images and summary of his lecture on to a white board. In fact in many masjids (mosques) now they have a proper rollable fixed white canvas screen and a fixed projector ready for use. The Ustaz needs only to plug is laptop.

Ustaz nowadays are IT trained, or they take the trouble to learn IT tricks and many have their own homepage and e-mail addresses. Its such nowadays tom communicate with them.

Surau An Naim falls short in this area cuurrently, maybe because of financial constrained. Maybe also because of security of equipment. However soner or later Surau An Naim may need to consider equipping the surau with the technology.

We are coming out of our cocoons.

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