Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just married

Our Ustaz Ramadhan.

Our Ustaz Ramadhan had just got married recently to a lady from Johore. And he has graciously invited members of Surau An-Naim to come for a 'kenduri' (wedding feast virtually) at his house in Kulim, Kedah soon, a reception given for him and his newly wed bride.

And on Friday evening, 16 Oct. 2008, after the Isya (Isha) prayers, congregation at Surau An-Naim Wangsa Maju gave him a small 'makan' (an eat), a thank you gesture for him from all of us and also in celebration for him now he being a married man; and he being a regular Ustaz at our Surau. In fact between the Maghrib and Isya prayers tonight he was the one giving 'tazkirah'.

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