Sunday, October 26, 2008

The car park

Our surau has got this wide car park which may even accommodate about 40 or 50 odd cars parked at the same time. That car park was ‘given’ because it was observed that during nights (and days) when tazkirah are held, cars for those who attend tend to be parked on the road edges, causing problems to the parking of cars for the nearby residents and this also causing traffic congestions. Some kind soul from the City Hall extended the car park to what it is today.

Recently an Ustaz giving a night tazkirah suggested that the surau becomes the activity centre for the Muslims who live nearby. Thus as an activity centre, the surau may be used as location for Muslim (Malay) weddings, where the car park may be used for a place where Muslims can erect tents to receive their wedding guests. Such a wide carpark may accommodate table and chairs for more than 500 guests at a same time. And in a Muslim (Malay) wedding the guests do not arrive at the same time, they come in trickle initially and then gets more dense and later on during the day they trickle in again, the other guests who came earlier have already left (in all cases).

Presently in an urban Muslim (Malay) weddings, tents may be erected in a street or minor road, sometime even closing or blocking the street, causing such inconvenience to road users. The Ustaz's suggestion has merits.

Facilities such as shower, toilets and prayer room are available.

Probably a small donation to the surau may be nice.

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