Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ustaz are also mortals.

Ustaz/es have to survive. And we 'listeners' need to help them. The knowledge they pass on to us 'listeners' are valueless, expensive and no where else can 'listeners' like us get them in the same environment as in Surau An-Naim.
And Ustaz/es have to survive. They are also mortals with happiness, sadness, family and children, and many also have schools to look after (in some cases, where they teach and sometinmes support) students. They give tazkirah at odd hours, and maybe without rest for a few days whilst travelling outstation.
Its their vocation, and for the (such beneficial) institution to survive we need to support them. Give them whatever we can (afford) and buy goods (books) from them when they exhibit them.
Give them all the moral and financial supports when and where we can.

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