Saturday, December 13, 2008


The surau collects donations, and these are voluntarily given by the surau regulars by placing whatever cash each can afford in Chubb safe provided, by placing whatever donations through a slit made especially for the purpose on the top of the safe, one such safe on the verandah and another in the ladies section. Once upon a time bad hats used to 'fish' for such cash through the slit on top of the safe. So the Surau Committee decided to make the slit smaller to reduce such 'fishing'. Still some bad hats do the 'fishing', I supposed not so successfully now. They choose a good time to do the 'fishing', usually on a Friday afternoon after the Friday prayer (no Friday prayer is held in the surau, Fridays prayers are held at designated mosques only, the surau is very lonely at that time). But they soon got found out by the neighbouring residents. They are not apprehended, for fear of bodily harm to the one trying to apprehending them, but Police Reports are made.
We are lucky that we have lost only minor items, such as microphones and some shoes (during prayer times), but other than those we have been minimally disturbed.
We can not really stop such thievery as the surau is not guarded 24 hours a day. We just have to be aware of such happenings.

Muslims of Wangsa Maju are encouraged to post articles and recordings.

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