Monday, December 29, 2008

Transition year dua (doa)

The transition between (30 Zulhijah) year 1429 Hijriah and (1 Muharram) 1430 Hijriah. In Muslim lunar calender the day transition is when Asar (sunset prayer time) ends and Maghrib (dusk prayer time) begins, unlike the Christian solar calender.
And at the end of that particular Hijriah year, and also at the beginning of the incoming Hijriah year, Muslims are encouraged to do dua, to thank Allah for the last year and to implore to Allah that the incoming year should be a better year (that is what that dua is all about) for self and family and for all Muslims.
The videos are taken at a mesjid in AU5, Lembah Keramat (neighbouring Wangsa Maju), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (on 28 Dec. 2008), before and after the Maghrib prayers. (on 28 Dec 2008)

The year end dua.

The incoming year dua.

Muslims of Wangsa Maju are encouraged to post articles and recordings.

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