Saturday, November 1, 2008

An evening with Ustaz Musthafa Umar.

One of our most learned and popular Ustaz at our Surau is Ustaz Musthafa Umar. He had been with us for a very long time, years ago starting off with Tafsir, and he finished the whole of Surah Al-Baqarah over a period of about 5 years (?), coming to be with us almost every week, once a week on Tuesdays. He has written a book on that tafsir.

After bidding farewell to us earlier he has accepted our invitation to continue with us and has managed to come back to us once or twice a month to give us tazkirah. And we all gladly welcome him back to our fold.

This blog is just to record what an evening with Ustaz Musthafa Umar looks like.

As usual, he starts off with writing on the white board what ayat (of the Koraan) he wishes to discuss, translate, appreciate, tafsir that evening.

The tafsir and the appreciatation will last usually over a period of 1 hour after the Maghrib prayers to just after the time for the Isya (Isha) prayers which he usually then become the Imam.

Before the discussion and the appreciation usually he will start off with a doa (dua) and then he will translate the ayat according to the text from Arabic into Bahasa Malaysia.

And this will thyen will be followed up with detail of what the ayat wants and the ayat means, intersperse the detail with the other ayats in the Koraan or even with Hadiths (Prophet Muhammad PBUH traditions) to make his argument solid. The discussion may be very serious or can be very humourous, but at the end he gets through to the audience.

This will be followed with a short session of question and answers. And usually he answered those questions direct to the point with little room to manoeuvre by the questioner.

And he ends up with another doa (dua) to finish for the evening.

That ends our most enlightening evening.

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